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As a father, small business owner, and advocate, I have realized that in order to best serve my community I need to expand beyond the borders of Frederick County. With the support of my family, friends, and those who I have dedicated my time alongside of to better our neighborhoods, I have decided it is time to take my passion, experience, and invaluable lessons I have learned and apply them to work for the citizens of Maryland at the State level. 


I want my children, and yours, to grow old in a Frederick County without the housing and infrastructure concerns facing our residents today. I want small business owners to feel secure in knowing that the State recognizes them as valid, and that our “open for business” statement reflects the policy we are putting forward. 


We have faced unprecedented challenges the past two years that have plagued our unemployment and healthcare systems. While many Marylanders found themselves unable to work, they were also unable to access benefits due to multiple failures across the system. Meanwhile, our physicians have been experiencing extreme delays in payment for services rendered while working through the greatest public health crisis of our time. It is time to reevaluate the systems we have in place, tighten up the processes, and provide transparency and accountability in two of our State’s most vital systems. 


It is time for new representation in Frederick County. Representation that will work with you to build a better place to live for all of us. As a life long resident, and active member of the community, I am wholly committed to keeping Frederick competitive across the diverse business sectors represented within our county without sacrificing our rich agricultural history and picturesque landscapes. 

Let’s Work Together

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